Ill Inspecta - The Krazy European

Ill Inspecta Krazy European



Here it is – the album of the GERMAICA soldier hailing from "Benzi-Town Stuttgart" ILL INSPECTA!

Equipped with superior songwriter talent and a fluent Jamaican Patois, Illi moved to the official GERMAICA capital LEIPZIG to team up with PIONEAR (the most prolific Dancehall entrepreneur of mainland Europe). Hard studio work and shows in most of the European countries over the last years, created the environment for a very unlikely career... Becoming Europe's No.1 Hardcore DeeJay!

The album is Packed with all the underground hits, as well as brand new ILL INSPECTA tunes. Besides PIONEARs state-of-the-art productions, like the artiste's 2006 breakthrough tune "Rudebwoy Anthems" and the most recent "1.000 Bullit", voicings for some of the finest producers in the Dancehall-arena like BOBBY KONDERS and SOUTH RAKKAS CREW (USA), DANGERZONE (JA/USA), BASSRUNNER (A), DEMOLISHA DJs (F) and JR. BLENDER (D) gurantee a one-of-a-kind hardcore experience. 5 Selected combinations with the likes of DADDY MAZA (E), PHENOMDEN (CH), LEXIE LEE (USA), BOBBY BUSTER (D) and SHABU ONE SHANT (E) further spice up the first album release on PIONEARs new label GERMAICA DIGITAL.

ILL INSPECTA equalizes sharp delivery, killer-hooks and witty lyrics which has made him the frontrunner Artiste of the European Dancehall music and one of the few relevant dub plate artistes of his native continent.

Welcome to the the world of "The Krazy European!"

Link up: http://www.myspace.com/illinspecta & http://www.myspace.com/germaicadigital

Artiste: Ill Inspecta
Title: The Krazy European
Executive Producer: Pionear for Topp Entertainment/GERMAICA
Producers: Pionear, Bobby Konders, South Rakkas Crew, Dangerzone, Messer Banzani, Tom, Bassrunner, Demolisha Djs, Jr. Blender, Juniorbwoy.com, Aerreese,
Featured Artistes: Lexie Lee, Bobby Buster, Phenomden, Daddy Maza, Shabu One Shant
Master: Busy for True Busyness Prod.
Release: September 19th 2008
Format: mp3/WAV
Available at: mp3.soundquake.com, iTunes, Musicload, finetunes, Beat Source, Juno Download

Track List:

01. New CD
02. Like Puppa San
03. Fukk Reggae Light
04. Kriss Like Dis
05. Get Madder feat. Lexie Lee
06. Long Distance Call RFX
07. Come Fight Me
08. Madd Paper
09. All A Di Gal Dem feat. Bobby Buster
10. 1.000 Bullit
11. DeeJay Skool
12. Leipzig-Züri feat. Phenomden
13. Lay Dem To Rest
14. Trailer Load
15. Rudebwoy Anthem
16. Mek Di Girlz Dem Cry feat. Daddy Maza
17. Yasmine feat. Shabu One Shant

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