No Confidence

UNC-A PNM Face Off - No Confidence in Patrick ManningToday the UNC-A has a Motion of No Confidence in the Prime Minister before the Parliament. Tune into the Parialament Channel to view the proceedings. With both sides promising to make lengthy presentations it seems headed to a late night affair.

There has also been controversy brewing about the assembly of 'supporters' in Woodford Square. Listening to the Power Breakfast Morning Show on Power102FM yesterday they called and spoke to Mr. Ramesh Lawrence Maharaj (UNC-A) and Minister of Information Mr. Neil Parsanlal.

Ramesh asserted that he had statements from three URP/CEPEP workers who said that they were being bussed into Port-of-Spain for the event and would be given RED jerseys to wear, in support of Prime Minister Patrick Manning. They also claimed that they will only be able to sign the attendance register, for processing payment, when they are on the bus heading to Woodford Square. Now this has been said about many of the present Government's Public Forums/Assemblies. That they 'use' the people who are within these Social Programmes and 'force' them to 'support' for fear of victimisation.

I will be tuned in to hear some of the presentations but wont be surprised if the motion fails. Mr. Maharaj has already said that he doesn't really expect the motion to pass but hopes that the revelation of certain FACTS will actually lead to the fall of the present PNM Government within six months. Judging from the response of the 'Day of Reflection' on Monday I don't believe we as a people are ready to stand up to those who we have put in control. Even though many of us aren't 'forced' like the URP/CEPEP to 'support' it seems as if we are just as scared.


  1. Ramesh is not my favourite person, however, the man did a good job outlining the case for the vote of no confidence. I took in the live broadcast via www.ttparliament.org. Ramesh would be terribly stupid to risk his credibility now and not have his assertions fully researched and ready to withstand the scrutiny of the PNM and its supporters.

    Ramesh is clearly angling for the job of PM. Panday is washed up and I can't imagine he will last too much longer.

    Tattoo, in response to Ramesh, behaved like if he was on the side of the street outside of Chaguanas Market. What a waste of bloody waste of time. But what was amazing is how Trinbagonians in the House so dam chupit - knocking desk and shouting support for Tattoo's empty words. Tattoo was basically all over the place, incapable and unable to rebut the key issues in the vote of no confidence. How these people get into positions of power - I wondered. The answer was simple really. It's about the numbers of people willing to laugh 'Keh..keh..keh' and to knock desk.

    BTW any PNM supporters out dey? Ah tryin' hard to find a PNM site to infiltrate and do battle wid. Any assistance from anyone would be most appreciated.

  2. I listen to it as well and I know that every Emperor needs to have a Jester/Clown and that was Imbecile's role. He started off by saying that he had nothing to respond to and wasted 90 minutes spewing that same nothing.