End of the world on Wednesday?

Come September 10, an excited bunch of physicists at the European Organisation for Nuclear Research (CERN) near Geneva will fire subatomic particles into a 27-km loop, making them travel the bend 11,245 times a second, and then smash them head on.

I guessing it didn't happen...

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  1. i had to comment. it did happen...well the 10thSept was phase1 dey jus basicaly put on the machine to see if it workin (it is). the 21 Oct is the real deal!
    excuse me for bein excited(lol) but it i helped take my mind off stuff...
    congrats on the award frm wuzdescene...i got 2ur blog frm there :)

  2. thanks... I didn't follow up on this one at all... so i have about a month again then... :D

    what award u speak of? waz's take on reality is very amusing and thought provoking...

  3. just checked... and as i posted on wuz's... THANKS