Shaggy - Church Heathen (again?)

What possess Shaggy to do a next video for this song? I thought the original treatment done by Jay Will (Game Over) couldn't be bettered.... and I was right... This new video flop... a whole heap a woman flailing about the place and a bag a dancer boys.

I think what they tried to do is look at a CLUB and place the characters as if it were CHURCH... but it just doesn't work. I like to see woman gyrating an ting but its overdone... i've reached a saturation point... I have made the remark that soon I will start to see everything in SLOW-MO because every video needs to have it and as Dave Chapelle had in his show everything just looks better.

Shaggy this video wasn't worth shooting again... I hope somebody else picked up the tab and I think that if this was done ONLY to appeal to the international market that you have done Jay Will and other Caribbean Video Producers/Directors a disservice. You already had a GREAT video...

oh yeah at least there still is a cameo of Brother Desmond aka Ninjaman...

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