Steelpan Revolution

The Prime Minister officially unveiled new steelpan(s) last night. Work that he mandated a couple of years ago to standardize and PATENT the National Instrument.

In a 2 hour presentation the PM gave us a history of the steelpan with help from Errol Fabien and Damion Melville. The man in charge of the project Professor Copeland also divulged some of the technical info related to the research and he was guaranteed to receive the nation's highest award (whatevr they decide to name it)... i tort it was decided by a committee... DICTATORSHIP

The new steelpan is abit larger than existing ones but the Tenors now hold a full 3 octaves. There are also improvements on the Basses and others in the ensemble.

more to come as i review the night later this week to give a comprehensive report.

It was also a first use by the PM of a Water Projection system... what a waste of money

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