Heineken Green Synergy - T&T 2007 - semis 01

DATE - 28th July 2007
VENUE - 5th Element, Arima
TIME - 2000 hrs

oh gwaam... where to start... six contestants each with varied skill sets/levels, each trying to play Different BEATS with One VIBE.

Setup was simple enough with some participants actually bringing their own equipment... I understand the want to use your own set but is it really necessary to use your CDJ800MK2/CDJ1000 instead of the CDJ800MK2 provided?

I know that the spacing you are accustomed to may be an issue hence the reason for wanting your own mixer... it may have efx that you want to use... or the fader is a particular type.... or you may even use the mixer as part of a trick during the routine.

I definitely heard different VIBES but mainly the same BEATS... I think that the DJs need to really be more innovative in their thinking...

There was only one guy who looked anything like a turntablist and another who understood how to DJ TECHNO/TRANCE/ELECTRONICA/DANCE... they really stood out... The others were anything but special... BEDROOM DJs... BAZAAR DJs, Lean and Use ONE Hand...

the line up was as follows

  1. SIR
  2. Selector D
  3. Mad Man GHANY
  4. Daddy Richie
  5. Cool & Deadly
  6. Mantra

Same core judges from last year, Alicia the Duchess, Tweez and Carl 'Beaver' Henderson... with new host Romauld 'Mexican' Castillo... Video production by WINTV The next scheduled Prelim is @ the EDGE on August 12th 2007...

The competition may still be open for entry cause only 12 people entered... 6 gone... so 6 to go... Finals @ Pier 1 followed by the Regional Finals @ the 'World Famous' ZEN

The Final leg of the Heineken Green Synergy goes down in Kingston, Jamaica on Saturday, October 27 of this year.

Heineken Green Synergy Trinibago 2007


  1. It might be jus me but when I hear turntablist I think records. Anybody could scratch a cd cause it have beat matchin technology but you have to have skill to take two dusty piece a vinyl an make it run real nice. the prelims could be cd but the finals should be vinyl.

  2. one of the contestants was actually frauding the system by scratching with the platter and then pressing play to release the track...