Who Is Your Leader?

I heard a lil pice of conversation today and apparently the UNC Alliance is leaning toward naming Kamla as their leader. Mr. Cadiz was on radio this morning dodging the question of one single leader only trying to emphasise that the Leadership Council is a first in World Politics and that it works.

The belief in nominating Kamla comes from gathering the support of women voters. Apparently there have been polls to suggest this. Naming Kamla now neither strengthens nor weakens the UNC Alliance because I still see it as a ploy for votes from a damaged Alliance. Who is to say that if the UNC Alliance happens to win the general elections that the same said Council won't change their minds about leadership?

The Council at least realises that Mr. Panday for all his years of service to the country isn't what the people want. But this leads me to question the choice of Kamla... Isn't she the same one who endorsed Mr. Panday... will her leadership be HER LEADERSHIP? or will it be Bas' prompting?

this is just my take on my MACO... Jack is back in the country and they meeting right now in Emerald Plaza...

UPDATE - Jack & Bas in power sharing agreement... I waiting to hear Cadiz comments now... 

Dr. Kirk Meigho (DNA) was interviewed by Julian Rogers on C's Campaign 41 this evening and also seemed to want Kamla as the leader of the Alliance... Dr. Kirk had a meeting with the Council on Tuesday that didn't go as well as he would have liked... Leadership was one issue. Apparently Dr. Kirk's plan for T&T involves 2 Prime Ministers and a Federal President. I know Bas doh want to hear nuttin about that...

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