Don't BLINK!... as yet

TSTT has been advertising for the past couple of weeks. This is their answer to FLOW's Click service. Its called Blink Broadband. Right now the coverage area isn't that large but promises to grow as the months go on. Both TSTT and FLOW aren't really winning any points with limited availability of their services. FLOW hasn't fully upgraded all to Digital but already looking to have a fee increase. While TSTT fighting a cellular WAR with Digicel and rolling out the new Broadband to 3 communities. BANANA REPUBLIC (without agriculture)!

TSTT sends me an email about being a valued customer... this is after I wrote to say disconnect me.

Dear Valued Customer,

As a valued customer of TSTT, allow me to take this opportunity to personally thank you for your business to date.

You may already be aware that TSTT has been a proud investor in the nations Internet infrastructure over the years. We have been working assiduously over the last year to achieve a dramatic modernization of our network which now allows us to
efficiently deliver broadband services to world class standards.

We are pleased and excited to introduce you to blinkbroadband and to inform that you have been specially selected to experience the ultimate in broadband service.

This service is soon to be deployed throughout Trinidad & Tobago, beginning this month with customers served by the West, Diego Martin, and San Juan exchange areas included in the first phase. The second phase, inclusive of four additional exchanges, is due to begin by mid November. Look out for updates announcing the arrival of Blink Broadband to your area.

Blink Broadband simply put; is broadband redefined, brought to you over one of the most sophisticated networks operational in the world.

So confident are we in this new service that we are certain that you will visit our website at www.blinkbroadband.tt or call one of our customer service representatives at 62-BLINK to review our new array of packages. We look forward to being of
continued service to you and to your feedback on our new service offering.

Yours sincerely
Trevor Deane
Executive Vice President Broadband

Trevor, I can see an exchange from my bedroom window and I not in the initial rollout! I guess I am not as valued as I thought and will stay without the service. TSTT's pricing is comparative to FLOW's and they Install for FREE along with a FREE Modem? All of that FREENESS and I still want a Smart Choice Discount.

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