Lets Talk Numbers

"Some Man Ah PLAY Number 2 TOO"

Ever since the COP's REAL RED Event in Woodford Square every politician has become an expert in estimating crowd size. The best so far has been Mr. Dr. Manning... I think that Honorary Doctorate really helping him out.

The first argument was on how many people attended (REAL Red) and how many people the Square could actually hold. NOW I myself haven't attended any of these events but I have been to the venues in dispute and I also have seen some big crowds. I won't venture into the numbers game myself but I think if the POLICE have their official estimate we should go with that.

The BIG winner in this controversy (so far) has been the UNC Alliance. They are claiming 45,000 at their Drums of UNITY event @ Mid Centre Mall Car Park, Chaguanas. Yes there were alot of people and I believe them when they say how many people were there because they know for sure how many people they Bused, Maxied and Taxied to it. It was a great exercise in mobilization. It was a great show of FARCE FORCE.

At Woodford Square the day before the PNM (Patrick) claims they had 25,000. Initial plans were to have 41,000 people... 1,000 from every constituency. Special sailing of the Fast Ferry from Tobago probably didn't have enough space for the 2,000 people. Mr. Dr. Manning also plans to ask tell the executive to make October 6th a special day on the PNM's calendar, a mark of respect for the bumper crowd they had. I wonder if the PNM under (a real doctorate) Dr. Eric Williams ever had such supporter turnout. I not old enough to know... or care.

Skinner Park saw the COP and they claim much the same figures as the PNM. Its also the same estimate the police provided for the REAL Red Event. This is why I say that the UNC are the big winners.

45,000! WOW! I think the last time I saw a crowd nearing anything like that (in Trinidad) was at the Queen's Park Oval. NO... Not for cricket. It was a concert featuring Richard Marx, Christopher Cross and Air Supply. Most of the stands were full and at least half of the playing field.

Another case where the numbers apparently can be skewed is during the screening process ala PNM. I don't know how they do it but from media reports that have been substantiated by other party members it has a formula of its own.

First off, were polls of the sitting MPs that sampled (in some instances) less than 10% of the electorate. STRIKE ONE!

Then came the actual cut of day for nomination papers. This was back in August... I stand to be corrected but I remember hearing Marcia Henville on Power 102 interviewing an activist from Morvant/Lavantille who wasn't able to be nominated because she didn't follow the correct procedure and have all her papers ready by the particular date. STRIKE TWO!

The final strike also deals with the nominations. Certain Nominees were rejected even though they had the support of 90% of the party groups of an area. Was it that the one or two groups that disagreed hold so much power? This also leads me to question how Amery Brown really oust Ken Valley if Valley was the only nominee? I tort nominations were closed? STRIKE THREE!

At the end of it all the only numbers that matter are the ones on Polling day. The PNM in Trinidad & Tobago have a history of getting approximately the same number of votes (by constituency) every election (claims of voter padding not included). When there is high Voter Turnout the PNM has problems. They Lose (1986) and even tie. Even though the numbers in the ties aren't as high as the Loss there is clearly a pattern. When enough people want change they have to make the choice to change by acting on it.

This general election promises to have a High Turnout... I mean the amount of disgruntled people I keep hearing.

I know I am going to exercise my franchise... for the first time too...

Don't forget... Local Government elections were postponed in 2006... when is that election gonna be?...

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