Westwood Park

In this season of intrigue I happen to stumble upon locally produced soap opera Westwood Park available for download.

Westwood Park: S1 - E01
From: Wysiwyg Films
Running time: 40 min
Director: Danielle Dieffenthaller
Producer: Danielle Dieffenthaller
Writer: Bernard Hazell, Antoinette Hagley, Danielle Dieffenthaller, Writers Inc.
Cast: Dennis McComie, Debra Boucaud Mason, Roland Hagley, Alicia Allahar, Simone Harris, Natacha Jones, Richard Ragoobarsingh, Learie Joseph, Dianne Smith, Maxine Williams, Theresa Awai, Wendy-Ann Garcia, Princess Donelan, Wendell Etienne, Maurice Brash, Jade Drakes, Rajendra Bajnathsingh, Cyril Collier

Westwood Park weaves the story of the Du Soleil and Gunn-Munroe families, whose affluent lifestyles and picture-perfect smiles become less than idyllic on closer inspection. The manipulative and power-hungry Herbert dominates the Gunn-Munroe clan, while the conscious and upstanding Jonathan heads the Du Soleil family. In Season One, the two families, residents of the affluent Westwood Park neighbourhood, are locked in a tenuous friendship, underscored by intrigue and passion, as they approach their unification through the impending marriage of their children. This delicate relationship is tested even more when the sexy and alluring Maya descends upon Westwood Park, unleashing demons from the past and throwing the lives of its inhabitants into utter turmoil. Set in lush and luxurious locations rarely seen in Caribbean dramas, Westwood Park is driven by the universal topics of love, hate, power, lust, greed, corruption, romance, heartbreak and the strife for social justice and consciousness.

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