No Breathalyser

Same nonsense I wrote about... pass all the bills you want, the President have to proclaim it....

No breathalyser: drivers getting away at roadblocks
Darryl Heeralal dheeralal@trinidadexpress.com

Sunday, September 9th 2007

FOUR drunk drivers were arrested and many more would have been held, Arrive Alive's Kirk Waithe said, if police could have used the breathalyser.

The four were held during late-night-into-early-morning roadblocks on Friday, a strategy the police have been using to curb road carnage, in St James and Aranjuez.

One man was arrested on the Western Main Road, St James, and three others on the Aranjuez intersection on the Churchill/Roosevelt Highway.

They all failed a sobriety test in which they had to walk a straight line and balance on one leg.

The roadblocks involved police and licensing officers with the support of Arrive Alive.

Waithe said from what he saw he was sure that at least 50 people were driving under the influence.

Police also found a loaded 9 mm pistol in some bushes off the highway.

The gun was thrown out of a car when the person realised there was a roadblock.

Several cars were impounded and drivers charged for driving without insurance.

Drivers also had to peel off tint that was too dark and exceeded the legal limit.

President George Maxwell Richards assented to the breathalyser legislation on July 26 but it still has to be proclaimed before it can become law.

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