Well i should have known today would have been the call cause the PNM were rolling into St. Augustine... I think that's where Manning (the PNM) kicked off the last campaign... I stand to be corrected... doesn't matter anyway the BELL RING... time for the action to start.

Let me start by saying that the date shouldn't be a problem for any religious body unless it was falling on a religious hol(i/y)day. If you fasting you can still VOTE!

I would like to inform Mr. Dr. Manning that there are original peoples of Trinidad. While he was speaking tonight (28 Sept 2007, St. Augustine Hi-Lo Car Park) he misinformed his congregation of supporters that ALL of us, TRINBAGONIANS, were not the original inhabitants of this land. Mr. Dr. Manning I would have to make the assumption that you do not recognize the Carib community in Santa Rosa, Arima, as being Trinibagonian.

I have attended quite a few functions/cultural receptions at the Prime Minister's Residence, while you were Prime Minister, where these original (First Nations) peoples were invited to perform their rituals. Mr. Dr. Manning I would also have to assume that you weren't paying any attention to them at these functions.

I am not a Carib but a Trinibagonian and I would appreciate if you apologise to the Carib community and the Nation (Trinidad & Tobago) as a whole for this error. It was not the only inaccuracy in your speech but the one I thought most relevant to our Nation as you were talking about National Unity and bringing Cultures, Religions and Races together.

UPDATE: It seems that this has been a problem within the Manning administration. while scouring the internet on related issues i stumbled upon this post in another blog... Letter from Cristo Adonis (Carib, Trinidad)

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  1. You see it pays to act on ones conscience. I emailed part of this article to two of the dailies as I wrote it. I failed to meet the Saturday print deadline but what better day to get printed than on Sunday.

    Caribs are the original Trinis