A long time observation

Now ah doh know if anybody talk about it before or if is that because ah have 4 eyes ah seein more into things that actually there, but I've noticed something for a few years now.

Why is it that the extremely homophobic Jamaican male population are seriously into the homosexual style of dress and appearance?

Living in New York I see gay men everyday and when I see Jamaicans, especially in the music videos, why are they wearing the same kind of tight up pants, cosquel colours that don't match, all kinna funky patterns and style of cloth, then cover that up with a jacket and string two three dog chain from a pants loop.

This kinda style and fashion is seen on men in Greenwich Village a mecca for homosexuals in NYC and those involved in the fashion industry. (Now doh lemme get started on Lexxus aka Mr. Lex and his faux hawk that would get him many a glance and even a pips from some men.)

It is just so funny that they bash homosexuals so much yet dress just like them and profile to boot.
I am not gay and have no intentions of ever becoming so, but in my mind why are you imitating, looking like and definitely could be mistaken for someone you proport to hate?

So my conclusion is this, either you stop bashin them to that degree or disassociate yourself completely. Yuh cyah be straddling the fence.

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  1. Ah cyah remember the video where Mr. Lexx was sportin the do, but ah know for sure that in the Motion Picture Medley video alley Cat certainly has a faux hawk. If it is found that Mr. Lexx never had one, my apologies to you sir.