Analog to Digital using USB

You have Audio Cassettes and Vinyl Records and you keep them around because you can't get that mixtape (Chinese Laundry DUB 7) anywhere else, but the problem is that the car Audio system doesn't have a cassette player. What do you do? You call me and I charge you a nominal fee to Digitize your media and put it on an Audio CD/MP3 CD/ MP3 DVD... I don't convert DVD Audio... no market.

Or you can do it yourself even easier now with the ION Audio range of products... I hold no brief for ION Audio but they have simplified the process with you the user only needing one available USB port on your machine... MAC or PC... i despise that word PC... it means Personal Computer... duh my iMac is my Personal Computer... whatever... you will be able to hook it up to your box whether it runs Windows or Mac OS.

Now it isnt a new idea or technology but it certainly taps into markets that require such devices. I do conversions... mainly video, but I also have the occasional LP to transfer... I just remembered I have one for meh uncle to do... and it makes the process simpler. I would usually have to hook up my turntables thru a mixer then from mixer to computer... this usually created alot of other useless noise... i can now plug straight into the computer... no extra wires, no extra equipment. With a tape player u could have gone straight into the computer so that hasn't changed much... just the cable used and where it plugs in.

ION Audio is the solution for the enthusiast who needs to backup a collection and subsequently host small functions.

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