Grenada Grenada

Throughout the first two weeks of August, the island of Grenada will be hosting two major events; Grenada Carnival, on Monday, August 6 - Wednesday, August 15, which follows the Annual Carriacou Regatta Festival which extends from Friday, August 3 - Monday, August 6.

Late July and early August are the most festive periods of the island, entertaining through various elements and aspects of their culture. The Carriacou Regatta Festival is in its 42nd year of success. The event mainly involves the showmanship of boat owners who will compete in a series of races.

Carnival on the other hand, is a common activity among Caribbean countries hosted each year. The Grenada Carnival lasts for two days but there are several events leading up to the actual day- most of which involve the showcase of music such as the Steel Pan competition.

These events show that culture is not ruled by a set belief but by the way people express themselves whether it is by sports, food or music. Nonetheless it must be recognized that music spirits most events in the Caribbean - these two are just a couple to mention.

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