RINSE out yuh ears

gotta big up Skrewface yet again for sending me the link an keeping me informed and entertained. This week I got a Mr. Vegas promo (To The Bank) and then an IM with the link to Rinse.fm stream. I had checked out Rinse.FM before but it came in good time as I was sitting bored at work. Earlier in the year I heard a tune from Rossi B + Luca which reminded me of some music I heard from some guys in Manchester who came for a Sound Exposition.

The music features elements from Electronica to DUB. DJs toasting over some trippy, or should I say GRIMEy beats. Might have you seeing pink elephants if you smoke the right grade... :D.

BUMBOCLAAT.... Coki - Earth A Run Red it ah senn me crazy.
DJ Scientist... I got's to get my GRIME on.