Apple Introduces Revolutionary New Laptop With No Keyboard

I just LOVE technology


  1. Call me 'back in times' .... but this does NOT look like a good idea to me .... it looks very cumbersome ....

    e.g. it took me seconds to type the above ... but wit dat wheel ting (or whatever) .... who knows how long it'll take to type stuff ... like could you imagine typing your blog posts on that?

    I guess its something you'll have to get used to ....

  2. i doh know eh buh I does ketch you... u have me laughin on your blog all the time so I guess its only fitting that I post stuff for you to see and have laugh...

    dat is fake ting...

  3. Oh shit ... I was PUNKED!!!

    Ah was really wonderin WHO in dey right mind tort dat dat crap was a good idea eh!!

    Good one! :-)