major linque

I was requested to post this here for my readership to comment on.... I didn't think I had that many readers ;)

I personally find that the song did well enough... I hear a slight AutoTune/Melodyne and I dont really like hearing it... makes me feel that the artist cant really sing... me still rate the lyrics and production...


  1. I like the song ... such a sweet sentiment .... good melody .... nice riffs .... not too long rap in da middle .... and the singer seems to have good diction too ... which is something I find lacking in most local 'crossover' productions ... but who is 'Major Linque' ... where did you get this ... do they get air play anywhere ?? .... I've never heard of them!!

  2. i was sent the video via youtube and I liked it... as i wrote in the post it was a request... i did not realise that so many people still pass by this blog as i am erratic with my posts... I hope that they are getting airplay somewhere because the track is alot better than some other local and dare I say international tracks...

    i do not know why they didnt send me a bio... hmmm something to work on...

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  4. Anonymous16/6/08 16:53

    hi well i am a part of major linque thx 4 the comments really appreciate all