the Honeymoon isn't over

Exactly three weeks since the PNM were victorious at the polls and installed the Cabinet. We know which Minister for which Ministry and which MP is Junior Minister and even which one is Deputy Speaker. All this has happened and the Prime Minister even found time to visit his counterpart in Uganda as part of a Commonwealth shindig.

What I really want to know is when will the honeymoon end and these Ministers and Senators start to work. The PM already stating that he will let us know next week... Why the wait? Tell us NOW! You making me feel like I begging you for something. Telling me that it isn't constitutionally due until sometime in March 2008. OH! OK! So after Carnival then.

The same disregard that Manning had for the populace before the election continues. I didn't expect different. I really didn't expect them to go to work immediately. Remember when Robbie gave them the country after 18-18... no work for the year and then when they 'won' in 2001 what then a next year of honeymoon. All work takes a back seat. They then dilly dally for three years and then pretend to go to work in the fifth year.

We Deliver because We Care.

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